Christmas, Smiles & Food

Everyone has their own way of getting close to what makes them happy. For Chris and I, we enjoy family and tasting good foods. We spent the week of Christmas with both sides of our family. I know that it can get complicated trying to juggle families during the holidays, especially if they live close. Somehow we made it work and it was meaningful all the way through.

 We spent the first part of the day at Chris's sister's house so that we could have our nieces open their presents. I spent about an hour or so putting little stickers on the toys we got them. Tip: Be careful what you get your nieces and nephews for Christmas. Those toys are complicated! Haha.

In the middle part of the day, we went to my parents' house and had lunch. We hung out in the warmth of the woodstove heat and fiddled with a puzzle. It was wonderful to relax.


In the evening, we headed out to visit with Chris's family again at his aunt's house. We spent several hours playing a game called "Tenzies". All speed in that one! I was able to capture a few moments here.


I should be in sequence, but these pictures of food were from Christmas Eve. Chris and his mom made some good food! We also played Scrabble by the fire. Yep, that about sums up the Christmas season. Now onto new things!