Cabin Fever

I am experiencing cabin fever. I want to be outside moving about. I want to feel the warm sun and air kiss my skin. I want the beach.

As you can see I have been going back in time with my photos. I am working on this whole scrapbooking business and it is taking me down memory lane. Two summers ago Chris and I went down to the coast of North Carolina to be with my extended family. Most of the time there was cool and rainy, but I made sure to experience the beach the way it should be done. Strangely I didn't take a million pictures but here a few that give an idea of the fun, sandy beach days.

Here I am with my cousin's wife, Julie (middle), and my brother's wife, Michelle.

Chris doing his thing. All you California folk, don't laugh. Ya, you know what I am talking about.

My brother, Bobby, and Michelle.

Here I did NOT know how to make a fishy face for the life of me. I used to be able to, I swear!

She tried to help me. Fail. Haha.