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My 2019 Goals For This Blog

Deep down I think we all really do know ourselves. I have been wanting to write this post for quite some time, but it wasn’t till I knew exactly what I wanted to say that I said, “Yes! This is it.” So today, I am going to share my voice. I have been struggling for the past two years trying to figure out what I actually want to share publicly. I love story writing, sharing images, and connecting with others who take knew ideas I hadn’t even thought of from what I put out there.

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Artists - Singer Suellen Diller

I am a firm believer in the fact that those who go after their dreams are some of the strongest people I know. Most often, our greatest enemy in achieving our own goals, is ourselves. We doubt, call it quits, or think that we just cannot measure up to an ideal. It just is not true! My good friend and singer, Suellen Diller is a nurse by day but is working to fulfill her dream of being a Christian singer, offering hope through her talent.

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The Importance of Simplifying Your Life

For me, life is like traffic sometimes. Moving into the country really put a halt to a lot of the traffic in my life both literally and figuratively. Living 20 minutes outside of center city Philadelphia, was one big traffic jam and 1 million lights. We moved to upstate NY and suddenly I was driving slower, stopping to check out the creatures, and just chilling on the deck. It became apparent that I needed this in my life. What I ended up discovering was that even though things were slowing down, I needed to learn about the importance of simplifying my life.

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How Nature Inspires Creativity & Peace

One of the blessings of living out in the country is being able to immerse ourselves in nature. At the base of the hill, on the edge of our property is this creek that rushes during the spring months. I love opening the windows and hearing it move in full force down its path. When we moved here from Philly, I immediately fell in love with the peace I found here.

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5 Reasons Why You Need To Use Squarespace

You need to make a website. Like now. Where do you start? Do you hire someone? Is DIY more your thing? As a photographer, I've needed a place to showcase my work since day one. I've tried a few different platforms and several attempts. I've finally come to a resting place where I think my work and business needs to hang out online.

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How To Manage Your Money As A Couple

So when it comes to spending money, I am a hoarder. When I was single I didn't do anything fun, ever, because I had to SAVE. I didn't really have a plan or a goal for the money. I just enjoyed having it sitting there in the bank, adding up. The thing was, I was miserable. You would think that having $8000 sitting in the bank after 2 years of working with a lower income, there would be cause for celebration. It was a lousy trophy, collecting dust.

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