Do I Need A Website For My Small Business?

do I need a website for my small business

In today's culture, the internet has become a key tool in figuring things out and staying connected. So you might be asking yourself, “Do I need a website for my small business?” Today, I thought I would share 3 reasons why having a website for your small business is essential.

People have questions + they want answers

Just a few weeks ago I set the self-cleaner setting on our oven and an hour later it all just shut off. My mind just went blank as I stared at the dead looking appliance. Then, like a light bulb turning on in my brain, I remembered YouTube. I quickly typed in exactly what was happening to our oven and voila! I found just the right video and answer! If this had been from an appliance store in my town, I would have gone right down to that store and bought what I needed to fix my stove.

First impressions are everything

Which companies are you more likely to work with when you check them out online? Do they have a site that looks up to date? Is it easy to figure out where they are located and how to contact them? Do they even have a site? Can you see what products/services they actually offer? These are all questions that we subconsciously ask ourselves when looking for a specific service. A client is going to treat your business the same way!

Your client's need to trust you first

Who are the people that you trust in your life? Are they the random people that show up with advice or are they those who have stuck with you through thick and thin? Your clients are going to treat you the same way if you only periodically show up. Trying to be a client's life on the daily is pretty hard! Having a place online where you can interact with them more often than not builds that trust. Especially if you share helpful tips or freebies.

do I need a website for my small business

I hope that these 3 reasons give you a better idea of why you might need a website for your small business! Is there another reason that makes you apprehensive to take the plunge and have one? Share in the comments! Maybe you are thinking you might need to hire a web designer? I’ve shared a past blog posts revealing reasons why you might want to hire one.

do I need a website for my small business