Why Should I Hire A Web Designer?

why should I hire a web designer

I had been working for hours on my website. I kept running into tangles and coming out the other end a conqueror. The satisfaction was so intense that each time I came across a hurdle, I didn't really mind. I had the patience for it. I loved it.

So when I found Chris, my husband, frustrated and ready to give up while trying to make his own, I didn't get it. Not until I stopped to ask him what was so frustrating, did I get it. You see, Chris didn't have the patience for it. He found no interest in trouble shooting code or figuring things out when things went hay-wire. He felt that there were other things that he could be doing.

And that is where I came in. I quickly jumped in and said, "Hey why not let me give this a try." Several hours later he had what he was looking for and I had my happy husband back! Yes!

I get it. I like to do things myself, too. Who wants to pay someone the BIG BUCKS when you can just trouble shoot it yourself? But here is the thing, what are you really good at? Should this be a priority?

What do you lay awake at night thinking about? Is it figuring out a simple code to make your site a little more savvy? Are you constantly thinking of different color combinations and font layouts? Do you like sitting for hours on end putting together a layout for your site that is easy to understand and "pretty"? If so, THEN you don't need a web designer. You are on your way to being one.

A web designer is someone who wraps up your dreams in a pretty package on the internet. There are so many things that go into making a site perfect. We all know that looks are important, but so is communication and easy to use navigation. A web designer spends hours researching and thinking about better ways to make the online experience more enjoyable. They live and breathe it. Kinda like how you might live and breathe your products, services or blog. 

So on the outside it might look easy, but deep down we all know what it really takes to build a craft, right? Remember all those hours you put into making your product just right? Or even just marketing the heck out of it? HOURS. Ya... a web designer goes through the same thing.

So why pay a web designer? 

  • Outsourcing allows you to focus on your craft and give special attention to the little details.

  • You want to ensure that your clients have a positive experience in your corner of the internet.

  • Looking professional and consistent online, as well as in person, is very important to you.

Like when I was able to help Chris, I want to be able to be there for you too! There are so many things involved in starting and running a business. Sometimes it is nice to have someone else to come in with fresh eyes, see your passion, and make it come alive on the internets.

why should I hire a web designer