How to Choose the Best Location For Family Portraits


Have you asked this question?

"Where should we go for our family pictures?"

More often than not I end up finding a place for families. I do enjoy having the ability to find something for them, but sometimes I don't know their area as well. I thought I would share how to choose the best location for family portraits and reasons why you should have something planned ahead of time as a family.

Pick a Location That Fits Your Home's Aesthetics

Most likely I haven't  been to your home or we've only just met. What if I picked out a spot in town with lots of brick and pavement for our shoot, but you had more of a natural setting in your home? If you were to hang those pictures in your home, it wouldn't really go with your aesthetic. 

Consider a Spot That Holds Memories

Sometimes an unlikely place can hold dear memories for your family and even if it isn't considered picturesque it is my job to take an ordinary place and enhance it with your bond with your family. Do you guys have an inside joke surrounding a particular place? Maybe you have a favorite place to get ice cream in the summer. Think of something that isn't stereotypical, but fits who you are.

When All Else Fails, Find a Park

Maybe you just aren't sure what your style is and you aren't the type to have a place filled with memories. In that case, look for a park in your area or within a distance that you are comfortable with. Places with shade, different surroundings, and without cars cluttering the scenery works really well! These places generally don't have a ton of people roaming about and it can help make things more comfortable for you if you are shy about getting your pictures taken.

Cozy up at Home

This one may give you anxiety. Haha. I don't usually suggest the home because more often than not we all wish our homes were tidier or more "Pinterest" worthy (not to say that that is necessary, heck no!). Take it to another level having a photographer in your home and you'll have to call it a day! Putting anxiety and expectations aside. If you like the idea of at home sessions, consider only cleaning the rooms that you want in your photographs. I personally enjoy being in homes that are "lived in." If you want to have custom photographs that capture how things really are, in true raw fashion, this is a definite option!


I hope that these points help you out! A lot of times it can be hard to think of a place because we have this idea that our portraits need to be a certain way. I find it really inspiring to be in a place that your family enjoys and can relax in. Everyday places can really make your family pictures stand out from the rest as well!

how to choose the best location for family portraits