What To Wear For Family Pictures

You know how it goes. You finally get around to setting up a time with the photographer for family photos. Somehow you found time in that schedule of yours. Then fear comes over you when you think about what you are supposed to wear. Yikes! I've seen it. I've been there before. You want to look your best but you don't want to have to spend more money on new outfits for everyone. Let me give you a few tips that might help either answer the questions or ease the concern. 

Stay Comfortable

Ok, before you get too excited and whip out the sweats and a t-shirt, let me explain. One thing that is really important during your session with me is to make sure that you are comfortable. Standing in front of a camera is already going to feel somewhat weird. Don't try to wear something you wouldn't normally wear. Find something that makes you feel put together but doesn't itch, choke, or pinch. Your kids will also want to be comfortable because a photoshoot can sometimes be pretty overstimulating. Little bow ties are adorable, I know, but if your kid usually fusses when that thing touches their neck, don't push it.

what to wear for family pictures

Work in the Neutrals

Most locations that I work in are in nature. If you feel hesitant about what colors to wear for a shoot, bring in a couple of neutrals, which are the foundation, into your look. These consist of blues (including denim), whites, tans, nudes, grays, black and some greens. After you figure out which two neutrals you want to use, then slide in the other colors. A good way to figure out which neutrals to use is to consider skin tone and hair color of all those in your family. This is not a rule though. 

what to wear for family pictures

Look Through What You Have

Feel free to get creative with what you have in your closet! Don't be afraid to mix patterns between family members if the colors go together. As long as you have neutrals (which you should have) you can bring a lot together. Below my brother and his wife used 3 basic colors which weren't exactly the same but worked (green, blue denim, and tan-gray). My brother wore a plaid collared shirt under his sweater and his wife wore a floral scarf. They didn't have to buy a thing!

what to wear for family pictures

Accessorize Boldly

Don't be afraid to bring in little accent pieces to your wardrobe. Especially if your kids don't mind wearing bow ties and bows! Scarves, jewelry, and even shoes can bring a lot of interest into your images. Hats are fun to use and can be a great prop to hold. Flower crowns are pretty in right now as well. Will they ever NOT be? With whatever piece you decide to add to your look, don't be afraid to use bold colors here. It can be just a touch and won't take away from your faces. Yet it gives a little excitement to the image. Plus, it is pretty inspiring for me as well!

what to wear for family pictures

In the end, don't think too much about what you should be wearing. My job is to capture the love you have between you and your family. That, in and of itself, is the most important part of why we would be working together. Love is beautiful, no matter what. It hides grass stains, worn marks, and that one person who didn't get the memo about wearing neutrals. Embrace the moment you have together, in front of the camera, looking your best. 

Please do not hesitate to ask me more questions, in the comments about this topic. If I need to share another post including more clothing tips, I definitely will! 

what to wear for family pictures