3 Ways To Stay Motivated Working From Home


I recently shared how I started using a Bullet Journal to help me set priorities and get things done. I thought it would be just as helpful to share with you how I stay motivated working from home. It's easy to get distracted by home chores, browsing Facebook, and just not having someone to hold you accountable (other than yourself). Am I alone on this one?

What ends up happening is major discouragement at the end of the day. If you are like me, you will probably even question whether you should be doing this solopreneur thing. Dramatic I know. To keep myself out of this vicious spiral I do these 3 things:

Set an "Ideal Day" Routine

Not only does making a routine for yourself boost your mood and motivation, it helps you stay on track. I try not to be too regimented about the routine because then I will fall prey to disappointment. I do my best to only do tasks that I have allotted for a certain amount of time, when I have a whole day to myself. For example, between 8 am and 10 am I will only focus on household chores. If I find that I need more or less time I adjust my Ideal Day for next time. 

Journal Your Tasks

Keeping a to-do list has always been helpful for me. It makes things seem small in the grand scheme of things. I also list items that I want to accomplish in the future, not necessarily in the present. I try to keep that list separate from my daily lists because it gets pretty discouraging to have this giant list and only 3 items checked off at the end of the day. Breaking down future tasks is a game changer too!

Fit in at Least 30 mins a Day of Exercise (Get Outside if You Can!)

This is something that I am working towards, but haven't completely formed a habit on. The weeks where I am getting outside, moving around a lot, I feel extremely motivated and clear headed. I am currently making it a goal to exercise at least 3 times a week. Set realistic goals for yourself on this and work your way up. 

Even though I have shared 3 things that have helped to keep me motivated while working at home, you should really figure out what works best for you. These ideas will hopefully spark ideas of your own and maybe give you encouragement. If you have any tips on how you stay motivated working from home, please share in the comments below! We are in this together.

three ways to stay motivated working from home