Flatirons Boulder, CO


Here are the Flatirons! I climbed to the top of the middle peak.

Just wanted to check in quickly and share some photos I took this morning while taking a hike with my brother up the Flatirons in Boulder, CO. I am out here in Colorado visiting him and his family. He planned to climb up a steep face with some friends and I decided to take the trail around to meet up. Me and heights aren't close buddies.

Here they are climbing up. I went the scenic route.


I love their pine trees!


This is at the top. It was so breathtaking! I got to sit and chill while waiting for the guys.


Just me and my bag of gear. Actually it's not my bag, but it works!


And because I want to brighten your day, here is a sunflower. Summer is still with us in little pieces. I will enjoy every little bit as much as possible. It feels so good to get out in the fresh air, get that blood pumping, and just getting the chance to enjoy an adventure!


Thanks for stopping by and checking out my pictures!