3 Ways To Cultivate Creativity

3 ways to cultivate creativity

There was a time when people thought creative people were only the artists, the writers, and the dreamers. Today, we are all just a little bit more open minded about who embracing creativity and who is just out of sight of its healing power. Most of the time the only voices that say we aren't creative, are the ones inside of our own heads. We beat ourselves up for not being enough. I've gone through it. Trudged through the mucky, grossness of the lies in my head. In the last year I've come to find that the only one that can determine my level of creativity is myself. I have complete control. Besides, learning to ignore the lies, I've also come up with 3 ways to cultivate creativity. I thought I would share those with you guys today.

1. Cultivate creative relationships

One way to cultivate creativity is to build relationships with others who steeped in the journey towards creativity as well. In this space you should be free to express new ideas, be challenged by their different ways of thinking, and just be where you are at. Competition is the enemy of cultivating creativity. It causes us to create mediocre work or even replicate someone else's. When I am hanging out with those that I feel safe with, I find myself thinking about all kinds of new ideas for my business or projects. Even getting out of the house and working in a coffee shop surrounded by other people can ignite your creativity.  I kinda think we were made to do stuff together anyways. 

2. get out into nature & search

Whenever I feel frustrated and unable to cultivate creativity  at home by myself, I drop everything I am doing and go outside. Here in NY, I have unlimited nature at my disposal. For those of you who live in the city, cultivating creativity can escalate quickly if you let it. By purposefully looking for nature while surrounded by all the concrete you are rewiring your mind to see in a new perspective. Looking at how intricately everything is designed can cultivate creativity like you might not have expected. The moss on rocks, the way needles grow on branches, or just the fact that the air smells so sweet despite the dead leaves skirting the earth. Breathing in that air can give your brain cells an extra dose of goodness, unlocking fresh ideas.

3. be easy on yourself

Forcing creativity isn't going to get you anywhere. Most of the time my new ideas come out of no where or when I am on the shower. Why is that? Thinking too much about it can really drag you down. Just live life and experience it to the fullest. One thing you are allowed to push yourself to do, is something outside of your comfort zone. It can be easy to stay safe in what you know, but that isn't where creativity is cultivated. Take time to relax by reading books, laughing with friends, take long walks, work out, take up a new hobby. The act of doing something else can take the pressure off and let you soar! Cultivating creativity takes time. It is a journey and a surprise all wrapped up in a beautiful package. Don't rush it. Just live it.

3 ways to cultivate creativity

Running a business can make it hard to let creativity flow freely. At the same time it can also push you to start things. Finding the balance between freely creating and getting stuff done is not easy, but I hope that these tips will help you on your way to unraveling  lots of beautiful things. Stay encouraged, we are all in this together! If there are other areas where you need encouragement, I have a post about learning from failure and choosing grit and .ways to stay motivated working from home. I also shared a book review on Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown which is a great book for helping you to stand out and let your creativity shine!

three ways to cultivate creativity