Glenside, PA Family Session

Probably the best description that I have heard given about adoption was told by our pastor, Tara. I wasn't adopted, so to understand the concept is kind of hard. What she explained is that we all are adopted into the family of God. Plucked out of a difficult situation and brought into the arms of Someone who can provide our every need. I know that I probably paraphrased that horribly but it spoke to me as she told the story of adopting little Josiah and being able to give him her and Caleb's last name. The power of a name never had such hope in my opinion.

So without going on too long let me introduce this lovely family to you. Both Tara and Caleb work hard in the ministry of Christ. Amidst all that is happening in their lives, they found a precious little boy that wins everyone's hearts with his smile. Josiah loves people and even at a young age, without words, he expresses his desire to be with everyone.

Last evening I finally got the chance to photograph them at their home and I know that I was able to capture their love for this little one-year-old. I was just telling my mom this morning that this is the first adoption family that I have had the opportunity to photograph. Kinda cool. I think it is awesome how love can go past our own flesh and blood and into other hearts that, what would seem by chance, found ours. God is good.

This is by far my favorite shot of the whole collection. This boy will NOT forget the love that his family has for him.

These little feet!

Another favorite. Timeless.

This next series is pretty awesome in my opinion.

I don't know what it is about this photo, but I feel like I came across a special moment in a secret garden.

Heart struck.

I hope you were able to see the love that I found. Again, being a photographer exposes me to things I would never have come by otherwise. I like how the camera can stop the hustle and bustle and show what we all long to see and feel. This is where I find simplicity. I feel blessed to know these three. I am so glad we found a little spot in time to document your lives!