The Great Sand Dunes National Park, CO


Ok, so while I was out in Colorado visiting family I got to do a little traveling over the weekend that I was there. I love visiting national parks and so I was able to check another one off my list while there. We arrived after dark so I didn't get to see the Great Sand Dunes till morning. It is so fascinating to see something so random out in the middle of the desert! I had such a good day chilling on the sand, seeing some deer, and eating some amazing food that my sis-in-law cooked up for us. Nature is so therapeutic and I needed it! Isn't the light amazing?!


We got up early when everything was quiet in the campground and got to see a few deer roaming around. They have such big ears there!My nephew is such a trooper! He knows how to camp.


My brother's dog Molly couldn't get enough.


Michelle was kind enough to get a shot of me with my brother.


I couldn't stop taking pictures of the scenes. Check out the smoke rising in the campground! Everyone was getting up.


This was one of the nicest campgrounds I have been to. And the stars! There are so many when  your in the desert. I caught O eating rocks. This is his reaction. Love him so much!


Yes, my sis knows how to cook! Even while camping.


So happy I got ONE shot of this bird. He kept coming around while we were eating. Michelle was like "hurry get a picture of the bird!"


One of my favorite pics of me and O. Thanks Michelle!


His smile is so sweet.


Before heading out we went to a popular place to visit the dunes and let little O play with as much sand as he could handle. Thankfully none of it made it to his eyes! Haha.


So random! I have so many awesome memories from this time. So relaxing and chill. I will be showing some more pics soon that I took in Aspen at the Maroon Bells. Another beautiful place!