Setting Priorities + The Bullet Journal: Review

setting priorities and the bullet journal review

One of the biggest things about being a successful entrepreneur is being able to prioritize tasks. Working from home is tricky. Especially if you used to work for someone else and in a location other than your living room. Since moving to NY and getting settled in, we made the decision that I would work in the home. That being said it is much harder to create a routine in the day-to-day and stick to it. Feels like you are on vacation when really you aren't. I have to pinch myself to snap out of it.

To help with the "pinching", I ordered myself a Bullet Journal. Now, before you say, "I am not a planner kind of gal or guy," let me explain something to you. I LOVE the idea of planners, but they always end up blank at the end of the year. It leaves me frustrated and hating them. After doing much research (a.k.a. searching Pinterest + Youtube) I decided to give this book a try. I ordered my Leuchtturm 1917 from the official bullet journal website but you can purchase it on Amazon for a much cheaper price. I thought I would list a few reasons why I gave this a go.

It is guilt free. 

Regular planners just remind you of all the spaces you didn't fill. With this one, you can set it up towards your own lifestyle preferences. Only want to keep track of tasks during weekdays? Burnt out for about a month and completely forgot to write anything? Thought tracking certain aspects of your life would be cool but figured out you just don't care about that stuff? Doesn't matter. You can adjust your journal as you go and put or don't put what you need each day.

It helps you solidify your priorities.

Because you can adjust it so easily, based on your own preferences, you quickly figure out what really matters. At first, I tried a mood tracker, but after a couple months of not filling it in, I realized it wasn't worth my time. It really helps you strip things down to what you realistically need. Right now I keep a small calendar, an ideal day schedule, event calendar, and a few checklists for the month. Then for each day I keep track of what I want to do and what I actually accomplish. 

You can make it as pretty, minimal, fancy, or messy as you want.

On Pinterest you can get pretty overwhelmed by all the typography and illustrations that go into a bullet journal. I never tried this before and so I was quite intimidated, but I realized that you gotta start somewhere! When I first started, in July 2017, it looked pretty boring with just my regular handwriting. This month, October 2017, I tried a new font that was basic but different. All you really need are pens, a pencil (optional), a ruler, and markers (optional). 

setting priorities and the bullet journal review

So far I feel pretty motivated to keep working at this. I haven't perfected setting priorities, but I am encouraged to keep going because I am using this format. Having all of my ideas and tasks in one place has been a real game changer. I am not a pro at this by any means, but the fact that I am even using it after 3 months is BIG. You can start it whenever you want! 

One question I had when I first started out bullet journaling was, "What pens do I use?" I plan on sharing my tools in a later post where I will show you how my pens work. There are a billion different options so hopefully, by the time you decide to get one yourself, I will have some pens for you to try!

If you have any other questions, let me know! Like I said I am a newbie but I can definitely share more insight into how it feels to be in the thick of it. Comment below!

setting priorities and the bullet journal review