Rocky Mountain National Park, CO

rocky mountain national park co

So, while Chris and I were out in Colorado, my brother and his wife took me us out to see Rocky Mountain National Park despite the winter. Down in the valley of Denver, the temperature was in the 70s, but up in the mountains it was a bit cold. Still we saw some real beauty! I did alright in the altitude here, which I was happy about. I just thought I would share with you some of the beauty we got to see. It will make you want to visit. :) This here is a picture of a frozen lake.

Christopher taking some phone shots. Hey, phones do a great job these days!

A trail by the lake.

This is why Colorado has its name. So beautiful and the air so crisp and bright. Even a road side picture can be awesome here.

On the way back down the mountains there was this valley that I had to capture. Let's go back!

Folks. I know now why my brother lives here.

Almost thought I was going to miss seeing elk! On the way out of the park we found some in town. I did my best to make them look like they were just hanging out in the woods. :)

Just look at those eyes.

I didn't take a bazillion pictures. I never actually do, but I do wish I had more. I am thankful we were able to make a quick trip up in the car to see a few things. I definitely want to go back and I encourage you to put it on your travel wish list! Wide open spaces and vast mountains. AWESOME.