Reviewing My Personal Goals for 2018


Resolutions are interesting. I am not even sure how important it is to share what they are with the world, but I want to have a place of accountability and be able to write out my thoughts on the subject for 2018. When it comes to this business, I have a few things that effect it in the long term and at a deeper level. Here goes:

  1. I would like to be more kind with myself. After doing much reflecting, I have come to find that I am a little too hard on myself, A LOT. In order to be successful I should be embracing failure and learning from those experiences. Not beating myself up and wishing for another life.

  2. Along the lines of number 1, I would like to stick to my authenticity barometer and worry less about what others think of my work, taste, and overall person. I have a feeling it will help me to break free and get a tad more creative.

  3. Health is so important to me and so after taking care of my emotional health, I would like to tackle my physical fitness and eating habits. Getting on a more consistent schedule seems about the best thing. Working from home makes this harder to keep, but self discipline is where things happen!


Do you have some goals for this year that you would like to share? Or that you think would be helpful for others too? I am trying to be realistic here, and positive. On a side note, I am planning a juice cleanse coming up here. Are you into juices? Have any favorite recipes?