REACH Columbia Union Urban Evangelism School

reach columbia union urban evangelism school

For the last several months I have been working amongst a group of young people doing something completely different than what they are, but still  getting to know them. Our church, where I work, holds a school called REACH Columbia Union Urban Evangelism School which is of a different entity but of the same mission and goal. These students come for a year to learn about urban evangelism and to gain a closer relationship with Jesus. They learn both in the classroom and out in the field. A pretty intense program if you ask me, the spectator. :) Anyway, throughout the year Pastor Tara, their fearless leader, has asked me to take photos of their group.

The staff.

The whole group at the beginning of the program. Most, if not all, of the students, sold literature door-to-door for 3 months prior to being here.

Over time I really got to know them and I have had plenty of laughs. I will miss them when they all go, but know more will be coming! These last two photos I took for their Christmas card. Here they are all looking official.

And this! This is how things really are and I will probably print this one out as an 8x10 and hang it in a frame. Their personalities are definitely reflected here. Maybe its because of me or maybe it is because of the car coming down the alley and I had to hurry like crazy. Who knows. :)

Love you guys!!!