Kelly Drive Philadelphia, PA Maternity Session

Since moving to Philadelphia, Chris and I have been blessed by the friends we have made in our church group. Being a part of something that strives for the good keeps us sane and full of purpose. We cannot thank God enough for what He has done for us down here in the City of Brotherly Love. What does that have to do with this lovely couple here? Well, they are two of the many friends that we have made while down here. To start off my photography endeavors, I was excited to find out from them that they wanted to take some pictures in Philadelphia. Sadly, at the time I did not know that Kelly Dr. was the place to be, but now I know that it is one of those gems in Philly that I won't ever pass up.

The above shot I mostly loved because it looks like two people posing for their friend on a sunny day in the park. Just chilling together and enjoying each others' company. Maybe it is too casual for some but I liked it. Also, it actually looks very warm but in reality it was just barely 40 degrees. My New England blood did alright, though.

These two are the cutest. Ranny is the sweetest and has one of those few laughs that gets you smiling. Pat is very inquisitive and had plenty of ideas of where he wanted to have pictures taken. The above location was completely his idea. At first I was all apprehensive about the open sun, but then thought "what the heck, who cares?" and told him I would make it work. Clearly it is an awesome spot. Sun and all.

Love Ranny's expression in the above photo. She is definitely going to be a good mom.

These little baby Gap shoes? Oh. My. Word. Knocks me out.

Thank you again, Ranny and Pat, for allowing me the privilege to document this milestone in your life. I hope that I have not only depicted who you are as people but the love that will carry your little boy, Liam, through life. He has some awesome parents waiting for him. I mean they have to be if they have Boathouse Row in the background, right? ;)