Lincoln Drive Philadelphia, PA Maternity Session

I am truly blessed in this new season of our lives. Despite having to leave a clientele that was really starting to develop and become a thriving little business, I have found that things really are taking flight down here in PA. I haven't even really been focusing on photography, but more on my writing. God has made sure to keep me going and I could not be more grateful.

This past Friday it hit me that I had not scheduled another time with Ranny to take some more pictures when it was a bit warmer out. I quickly sent her a message and we had some tentative dates for this week. When she told me on Saturday that she only had 2 weeks left before her due date, I gasped, "we better take them on Sunday." I clearly do not have my mind wrapped around pregnancy. Haha.

 Well folks. It was good that we met up this past Sunday instead of a weekday! Little Liam entered the world last evening and when I saw the announcement this morning, I sighed deeply and smiled. God really is looking out for us. Even in the small things that seem frivolous. :)

Being near the city comes with so many unique photo opportunities. One minute you are in the urban setting and next thing you know you are in this. How awesome is this huge bridge?! This, was of course, Pat's idea, but I had to applaud him for the idea. Months before, when I got lost in Chestnut Hill, I drove under this bridge trying to get back home. I remember looking around while driving fast down this windy road, for parking. I knew I needed to come back to this place! I had my chance, and I couldn't be more satisfied. What do you think?

I cannot handle it. So excited for these two and their new little one!

Ranny, I know you wanted green leaves and grass, but I have to say that you make any dull, leafless scene shine. Don't you all think so?

As you can see I make new mommas sit in scary places. I promise that we found the safest spot on the tree by the ledge.

I had to include this picture of Pat looking at Ranny. Good people.

Last but not least, I had to take a picture in the parking lot as the sun was juuuusssst going past the horizon. Congrats to both of you! I am glad that I was able to get a few more shots of you before little Liam came. And to think these are the last pictures of your family of two!