Peanut Butter + Banana Maca Smoothie

peanut butter and banana maca smoothie

So I am back home after 3.5 weeks being on the road and eating out all the time. Yikes! My body is crying out for fresh veggies and fruits! I am also excited to be back so that I can share with you more home and recipe stuff. I learned a lot on the road and hope to share more tips about hospitality in the future. Today, though, I want to share this smoothie I whipped up after craving more fruit and wanting a pick me up. 

Do you like creamy stuff? I know I do and so that is what this smoothie is all about. Creamy! The secret to getting creamy smoothies is using frozen bananas. I also like to use a little almond milk for an extra boost. A couple of other special ingredients in this are natural peanut butter and maca powder. I add in the peanut butter for yet another creamy texture and the protein. It also seems like a dessert for me because I like peanut butter sweets. The other ingredient I use is maca powder. After doing some research, I found that it is good for balancing your hormones and leveling out your energy. If you are tired all the time it boosts your energy. If you have a hard time sleeping at night, it helps to calm you down. It is definitely a healthier alternative to caffeinated products. You can put it in hot drinks as well. 

peanut butter and banana maca smoothie


  • 2 peeled clementines

  • 1 cored granny smith apple

  • 2.5 frozen bananas

  • a huge spoonful of natural unsweetened peanut butter

  • 1 tablespoon maca powder

  • almond milk (homemade is best!)

  • honey to taste (optional)

peanut butter and banana maca smoothie


Smoothies are pretty easy to put together. One trick that I may have mentioned before, but will do again, is to put the fresh fruit at the bottom of the blender and then pile in the frozen fruit after. The fruit won't jam up in the blender as much. I then put in the powder, butter, and optional sweeteners. If you find that the smoothie is too thick for the blender or isn't to your liking, you can add the almond milk to thin it out without losing the creaminess. Blend it all until smooth and then serve right away! 

I just got glass straws to use for juicing and this made a lot of difference in my sipping experience. Ha! For a while, I was using paper straws and they would get all soggy and were too narrow for the thickness of the drink. Wide, glass straws are not only good for sipping, they are environmentally safe. I found mine here

It might be hard to find the maca powder in a local grocery, but you can certainly find it online or, like what I did, find a Whole Foods. Make sure to do your own research about maca powder and see if it works well for your needs. I wanted to share just in case it might be something that interests you. I use it once in a while, especially if I have a big day ahead of me. It seems to do the trick. If you try this recipe out or have other ways that you like to use maca powder (including recipes!) please share in the comments!