New Perspectives That Enhance Creativity

new perspectives that enhance creativity

Perspective is everything. Especially for artists. You can influence a lot of people just by how you see things. But what is it like for the artist? How are we influenced? What makes us see what we want others to see? Here on this blog, I will occasionally share thoughts that are rather contemplative. As your photographer I want  you to know a little bit about me and sometimes that means sharing deep stuff. I try to do my best to keep it short and somewhat comical.

Anyways, perspective. For a long time mine was kinda unhealthy. I thought poorly of myself and used to see the glass half empty instead of full. Everything seemed gray and dull. I was unmotivated creatively and just overly frustrated that I couldn't perform better. I think my frustration made it drag out long, but in the end something different began to happen to me.


I started something simple. Instead of trying to take better or more pictures, I started to just talk myself out of this perspective I was in. I had to physically tell myself that what I was seeing in life wasn't true. I started putting myself in situations that stretched me. I forced myself to walk right into uncontrolled circumstances just to get over my insecurities. I started reading my Bible more and asking God for clarity and wisdom. I started taking job opportunities that I wasn't 100% confident about. I stopped turning down hangouts, trips, you name it.


I decided to share a few pictures here that I took this week, after getting a new lens. There are times in life where we don't have the perspective we want, but we know exactly what it would take to get it. We know exactly how it should look and will do anything to get it.

I have been wanting a 35mm for a little while now. I wanted a lens that would give me an everyday kind of look. A little distortion but not too much. Something similar to what my iPhone camera captures. For a while I was using that all the time. Now I want to use my camera for my everyday life too. So, here is a taste of my everyday life. I am still trying to adjust to using this lens. It's like getting another set of eyeballs for me. I waited a while for this lens and after much work, I had enough saved up to get it. You guys! It is exactly what I was looking for! I am inspired.


No matter where you personally are in life, know that wishing for a new perspective  is not unattainable. If that is the only thing that you have energy for, grab it and go. Whether you want to embrace a new career, learn to enjoy your current job, or maybe feel more energy to be with your kids, it is possible to gain a new perspective that will have you motivated and inspired.

Joy and confidence is what helps me to see beauty in life. It is what gets me motivated to meet with you guys and capture your lives. I am a socially awkward person, so to have those two things in my life helps to conquer some of my insecurities. Meeting new people and seeing that what I do makes them happy, just creates more joy and more inspiration.

And you guys, I am finally eating more salads. Just making them look pretty, helps. Perspective. It's everything.

I would love to hear what you guys might have done to change your perspective in life. What inspires you? What makes you see what you see?

new perspectives that enhance creativity