New Beginnings

new beginnings Krystal Irrgang

I have this picture printed and put into a stalky bone white frame. It is of the two of us on a Sabbath afternoon along the creek in Yosemite valley. We were on our honeymoon and had just spent the night up top of the ridge where it was slightly chilly. Unfortunately we had not discovered the showers yet so my hair is quite amiss. At least we brushed our teeth. It was lunch time and the noon sun shown, but I still managed to keep us from getting raccoon eyes in the shade. I took this picture using my wide angle lens. The one Chris gave to me when he proposed. It was kind of my idea, though at first we both thought maybe it wasn't sentimental enough. Chris went with it anyways and I could not have been happier. I wouldn't trade it for any diamond ring my friends.

Photographs say a lot. Sometimes they say more to the one who caught the moment. Other times, the viewer sees something that they never saw before. A connection is made and then BAM the photograph has purpose. I like that about a photograph. Not really because it preserves memories or history, it just gets what our minds can't always catch on the fly. It can also capture what is unseen in our memories.

As I "embark" on a new adventure here in a suburb of Philly, I hope to keep my focus on why I take a picture. I want to have vision, not only in what I see, but in what I want to say. Life is fragile, short, and important. I want to make sure that I am here to magnify what is important. No matter how fragile and short it all may be. So please join me in, not just viewing pictures, but having something to say.

To view any of my past work you can visit my old blog where lies the beginnings of a photographer's blog.