My Travel Photography Packing List


Travel is a big part of our lives and it is something that I enjoy. The only thing is that travel can be tiring and if we forget something, it doesn't make things any easier. As a photographer, I like to bring my gear with me when I am either on vacation or doing work. I like to travel light and with just what I need. I thought I would share with you today a few things that I bring with me. (left to right; top to bottom)

  • Inateck case: This keeps my external hardrives safe and isn't huge.

  • Samsung 250GB External Hard Drive: I haven't put anything on this one yet, but it is SUPER fast, so I could potentially put Adobe Photoshop Lightroom on it and it would work just fine.

  • Seagate 1TB External Hard Drive: I use this the most and since my files are HUGE, it comes in handy when going between my Macbook Pro and iMac. When I bought my laptop I only got a 256GB hard drive so that I would be sure to move my files elsewhere.

  • Passport to Your National Parks: It is the nerd in my to keep this around. When I go to different states I like to have this so that when I visit a National Park I can get it stamped.

  • Moleskine: It is good to keep a little journal with you just in case you need to jot something down like locations, random ideas and inspiration, or maybe thoughts. Traveling always gets me thinking and this small notebook is perfect.

  • Lens Pen: I have a whole kit of cleaning supplies for my lenses, but this pen is the best thing for on the go.

  • Pencil: Mandatory for the notebook.

  • SanDisk Extreme Plus 64GB & 32GB Memory Cards: A camera is no good without memory cards. I can do just fine with these two if I have my laptop and external hard drives with me. They give me about 2k photos. I remember when a 1GB was $50, so it is nice that they have come down in price and fit a LOT.

  • Nikkor "Macro" 105mm f/2.8: This is my favorite lens! It takes all those close ups that I often share of nature and details, but also can be used as a telephoto lens for portraits. It creates that beautiful background blur that everyone likes. I have to have this when traveling because it is so awesome!

  • Nikkor "Wide Angle" 14-24mm f/2.8: This one is a little bulky to tote around but it is very useful for landscapes! It makes the scenery more dynamic and not as flat as it would be just using your phone.

  • Nikon D610 Camera Body: This is what gets the job done. It is my 3rd dSLR body and I LOVE it. It has a full frame sensor (FX) unlike other comsumer dSLRs which have a cropped sensor (DX). It is extra light sensitive and I can use my lenses to their true potential. It is an affordable full frame as well.

  • Nikon "Normal Lens" 50mm f/1.4: The lens attached to the camera is the one I use the most, even though it's not my favorite. It sees what the natural eye sees and so creates images that seem more natural. For anyone wanting a starter lens this is the one to start with. It's affordable and good for learning your camera. Starting with a lens that is super wide or long can feel pretty restricting if you are wanting to try using a "fixed" vs. a zoom lens.

  • Battery & Charger: Can't forget these guys! I always worry that I am going to forget. It is important to have two batteries, but I haven't gone and bought a second yet. Oops!

In the future I plan to share with you some other things that are on my packing list, like what type of bag and storage I use for my gear, as well as how I use my phone for most of my personal photography when on the road and what editing tools I use. If this seemed too technical or you have questions about something I barely touched on, let me know!

Stay tuned!

my travel photography packing list