My 2019 Goals For This Blog

my 2019 goals for this blog

For those that know me well, know that I’ve had a few blogs in my time and more than one at a time. I’ve decided to consolidate. I thought I would share with my readers why I am sharing here on my business blog from now on and what that will include. I am hoping that this transition will keep me energetic about writing and sharing, because I really do love it. Just under my own terms.

Deep down I think we all really do know ourselves. I have been wanting to write this post for quite some time, but it wasn’t till I knew exactly what I wanted to say that I said, “Yes! This is it.” So today, I am going to share my voice. I have been struggling for the past two years trying to figure out what I actually want to share publicly. I love story writing, sharing images, and connecting with others and seeing them form their own thoughts from my work. I enjoy encouraging others. Yet, I’ve felt discouraged in the fact that everything I felt a remote spark in trying to share, just didn’t fit right. So I started the annoying search.

A few things that I discovered:

  • Anxiety to perform, froze me. Fear. That little beast that I created, kept me from doing the most important things in life. Watching others online sharing their lives just seemed like such a cool idea. It made me want to be a home decor and reno blogger. It made me want to curate this life here in NY despite the cold harsh winters. I wanted the curated beautiful images. But when it really came down to it, the act of actually doing it left me questioning. It had me looking a little too closely at what my life should or shouldn’t be. Made me impatient with my circumstances instead of grateful. I wanted to be too many things but nothing at all.

  • I began to experience little pieces of stillness. It would happen in the most unromantic ways, like while cutting onions. I would find myself anxious about time and how I wished I was doing something more interesting. A selfish thought really. Then I would be inspired to stop, breathe, and say, “No. Yes, you might not like to cut onions, but you like the idea of making a meal so that your husband doesn’t have to get take out. You like the idea of saving money and knowing your ingredients.” In it I found presence and a familiarity that took me back to when I was a child. Summer days with chimes blowing in the wind, care free habits and existence.

  • What I share most definitely will be selective. Deep down, I discovered that I really didn’t want to share my lifestyle with the internet. It just feels awkward. I just like to share thoughts that impact me in a big way, images that move me, my work that inspires others to use my services, and tips to encourage the individual or business. There are so many beautiful people out there that have a real gift for sharing their life with such authenticity that I cannot fully rule out it all together. I am just not at a point in my life where I can do it and stay true to myself. I do see in the way future having a home blog, but for now it isn’t where I am at.

  • Social media seems to encourage narcissism. Everything seems to be about doing what is best for ME and not really about what is best for all of us as a whole. I completely agree that individuals have a duty to create healthy boundaries and remain mindful of their individuality. It’s a whole topic I get fired up on. But focusing on ourselves so much and what makes us happy just leaves us intolerant, entitled, and apathetic toward others. Honestly it just makes us lonely. I feel like social media easily promotes a perspective that encourages self. We post pictures of ourselves all the time and work hard to get likes. It then causes us to compare ourselves with one another. Awesome locations, clothes, looks, experiences. All of which are curated to perfection. Inside we are all just regular people wanting to be loved, but it really seems like it should go the other way. Shouldn’t we be saying, “who can we love today?”

I believe that this post is mostly to hold myself accountable. I also had this belief that I needed to clear the air for why I have been all over the place online, but I think that I am the only one that even noticed. I don’t have a major following, so why? Ha. In truth, I just want to put my voice down on paper so that I can remind myself of what it is that I REALLY want to be publicly and privately. I also want to encourage others to evaluate why they share what they do, because it influences others. For good or bad, what we say really does make a difference even if it is small.

So I’ve come up with a few things that I am passionate about sharing and could possibly be something you look forward to seeing. Who likes reading uninspired things anyway? Here is my 2019 topic list:

  1. my latest photography work and portfolio (local businesses, entrepreneurs, families, etc.)

  2. beautiful places we travel to and around NY

  3. business and photo tips that I’ve learned

  4. recipes that are big favorites at home

  5. encouragement and self care tips for both business and life

  6. our house reno progress, which will be pretty slow, if I am honest

  7. maybe a life update or two

I guess I just needed permission to move forward, be myself, and keep this all organized in my mind. Thanks for reading. Anyone who takes the time to read these posts is special to me, so let me know if you do!