Givhan Wedding Ceremony - Middletown, DE

If beauty and love could be visualized and talked about through one word, it would be through "simplicity." Not that being simple is plain or undermined. Not in the least. Sometimes we get carried away with the grandeur of elegance that we miss where love comes in with sweet surrender and makes two people join together with gentleness and grace.

Lee and Hillary are two people that I have gotten to know, that portray an example of simple love. They keep close to what God desires and true to themselves. I am pleased to know these two and, through these photographs, I hope to show you what these two are like.

Hillary was so proud about finding this dress. She found it online before Lee even proposed but wanted to grab it before she lost her chance. I enjoyed setting up this shot and was happy to have these little plants for extra detail.

Lee's mother, Alyson, created this floral crown for Hillary. Isn't it beautiful?

A special moment with her mom. Right after this Hillary turned around, looked in the mirror and jumped back suddenly. It was when she realized that this was all getting very real. She said something like "Whoa! I am getting married!" when she saw herself. :)

Lovely bridesmaides.

One nice thing about having your wedding in your backyard, is that you get to see how things are panning out before heading downstairs.

Glad I was able to catch this. 

These are a few shots I got of Lee before the ceremony. He was rather chill hanging out with the guys.

I may not have a second photographer, but I do know how to capture BOTH the bride and groom during this beautiful moment. Lee was BEAMING!

They had the most beautiful tree in the backyard. 

Some details. And, again, this tree was pretty awesome. I could somewhat hide under it.

I always love seeing foot washing during a wedding ceremony. Even if I only get to see pictures from a wedding, I get a little choked up inside.


So to add a little drama to the ceremony, Lee decided he was going to sneak a first kiss with Hillary by picking her up, carrying her around the house and doing what he had been waiting for. This is one of two shots I got because well, I was SHOCKED! Haha! I think it best portrays the event though.

Husband and Wife! THIS is what I like to capture. 

So some of the guys were a little nosey and had to get a glimpse of the bride and groom kissin' since they missed it earlier.

Oh, and there is my husband with the orange bowtie! It was interesting having him in the group.

Loved this one of the four.

Hillary with her bridal party.

Lee with his groomsmen. Laughing is good apparently. 

Well, I have more photos to share but will post what I have from the reception at another time. Congratulations Hillary and Lee! I hope that you had a lovely time in Washington state. Love you guys!