Lili's Christmas Concert

I never thought that I would be overly aggressive in getting pictures of my future children participating in some event. I figured I would get out a telephoto lens and stand in the back, out of anyone's way. Playing it cool.

Well, I broke that thought this past Friday evening. I was determined to get some photos of Lili, my neice, at her school Christmas concert. Chris wasn't able to be there and I also wanted to try and capture everyday stuff in a way that I could post it. The real nitty gritty stuff, with no client expectations. I got in their folks. I was a ninja on the red carpet, literally. I found myself trying to stay out of the way of other cameras, but how does that make sense. I was out there. Or at least it felt like it.

I now know why there are moms and dads out there that do what they do. They are so stinkin' proud and want to document EVERY moment where it counts. I hope that you, if you are like me, take a chance and do something that seems crazy. It will make you free in the end.


This is Lili's Kindergarten class.