Kelly Drive Philadelphia, PA Engagement Session

Wow you guys, I am beside myself about what I have to show you. I often get anxiety about making sure that those I photograph are best portrayed the way they actually are. I wonder about my angles, framing, editing, you name it. Even though my style should take on a certain feel and consistency, I still want to show everyone the truth in front of my lens, not just behind.

Today, I think I have found it. Not just in myself, but by the guidance of God. He has given me the ability and desire to photograph others, so I can only expect Him to deliver on His end. I only need to enjoy myself. Yesterday, it was COLD and rainy. Pretty much a dismal day, but Hillary and Lee needed to meet up with me then so we went out with umbrellas and determination.  I am happy to report that we didn't get too wet and I was able to produce some images that make it look like the rain was on purpose. :)

Hillary is someone I can talk forever with and her gentle spirit is pleasant to be around. When Lee is around Hillary you can tell he really likes to be with her. His whole demeanor changes instantly. Lee is someone that will get down deep in a thought. He proposed to Hillary with a song he wrote just for her. :)

I like it like that. These two said they would be awkward, but when it really came down to it, they gave me their model faces.

This was strickly Lee's pose idea. After an hour of being photographed, he became a pro.

I know a real smile when I see one. Makes me satisfied.

"Hold that right there!"

Seriously, I did nothing to encourage this photo. ;)

Maybe I did encourage this one though. ;)

Simple, beautiful love. There seems to be a trend with photographing in Philadelphia. Those bridges cannot be ignored.

This one is a favorite. My spirit cannot contain my happiness for these two.

So these pictures are out of order and this was taken near the beginning. We started out a little awkward, but what would it be like NOT to have a picture of Lee standing like this? haha.

You would have thought we were in the tropics this day.

Well folks, I could have shown a million more of these two, but I will spare you. Again, God has been good. No matter the weather and no matter the time we have, it should be spent living to the fullest. Thank you Hillary and Lee for asking me to be your photographer. I am excited for September! Love you guys.