Lebanon, PA Wedding Reception | Caislin & Kyle

I am blessed to capture beauty. It is a real test for my soul when it is my job to look for beautiful and positive things. It keeps me focused and my mind where it should be. In good things. I hope that you enjoyed seeing part 1 of Caislin and Kyle's wedding. Here are some images from the reception at the park.

A little alone time.

Tried something different out.  :)

Beautiful people.

I love open spaces and and these ladies seem to just belong there.

These ladies know how to have fun!

Best man speech!

Maid of Honor toast. So sweet.

These guys... haha.  

Doesn't this look like a photo from a fairy tale novel? I can almost see little blue birds flitting about.

Such a beautiful cake. I had to get on a chair and get a photo from the top so that you could see the heart shape. :)

When Kyle went to feed Caislin her piece of cake, he went and fed himself instead! Haha.

Again, Caislin and Kyle, thank you so much for asking me to be your photographer. This last picture is to remind you not to take yourselves too seriously and to both love, laugh, and carry each other no matter the weather. It will make you stronger individuals and an inspirational couple. Much love.