Lebanon, PA Wedding Ceremony | Caislin & Kyle

When I first met Caislin and Kyle, I was in the very church they would become husband and wife. I was sitting with a group of people having lunch when Caislin immediately came up and introduced herself. After a quick introduction and a few words, I remember her saying "I think we will be good friends." She is such a sweet heart and I appreciated her assertiveness and the way that she seemed to take everyone under her "wing." Kyle as well, with his quiet personality, has a very warm heart. When Caislin was telling us about their love story, you could tell how much she adored that he was her best friend.

Just like when I first met Caislin she was busy making sure that her ladies were getting what they need and made sure that I was comfortable in her home.

Growing up I only had a brother and I always enjoy watching sister interact with each other. How they all fit in that little bathroom while trying to curl Caislin's hair, I am not sure. :)

Just down the road, the guys were hanging out playing video games when I arrived. They were kind enough to let me interrupt them for a little photo action.

Looking smart, Kyle!

Hey, if I am going to take photos of the guys you have to let them do their thing. Right?

Beautiful Caislin.

 This shirt was Caislin's sister, Rachel's, idea. I think it was a good one. :)

This part of the day is always my favorite. Those first moments of wearing the DRESS is where it all gets very real. I am not really into magic, but there is something about that dress that makes a girl feel amazing! It doesn't matter if they got one hour of sleep, can't eat because of the butterflies, or feel completely rushed.

She looked like a queen!

Adorable little flower girls and down below here is Kyle looking especially proud to see his bride for the first time that day. :)

I love the way Caislin's dad is looking at her.

This one, is probably one of my favorite photos from the whole day. I love the way Kyle is looking on while Caislin's dad is giving her away. Glad I was able to catch that.

Kyle is one happy guy!

Love is good.

Sealing the deal. :)

Another fun part of the day! And the beginning of all things new for these two!

Later I will be posting some photos from the reception and also a few portraits that I think you will all enjoy.

I am so happy that I had the opportunity to document your day Caislin and Kyle. I am truly happy for you both. God is good.