Learn From Failure + Choose Grit


I find it so easy to see the success of other business owners and then walk away with my fake tail between my legs and head down. How do I measure up to that? Do you go through this too? It can get pretty discouraging seeing only the good stuff online. As a new business owner, I have experienced this pretty recently and so I thought I would share a few reminders that have helped me to stay focused on what really matters.

  • Know That You Are Enough

You might be sick of hearing this, but sometimes we have to hear it a million times over before it really sinks in. We all have something awesome to offer. What ends up happening is we start to only look at our weaknesses or where we need a little more practice. Be content with where you are currently at. Despite what you have yet to learn, you have passion and the ability to learn new things. You are enough.

  • Don't Forget About Your Progress

We forget the progress we make. When I see someone who has been an entrepreneur for 10 years, I forget that, yes, it's been 10 years of growth for them! I end up thinking success isn't attainable for me. This couldn't be farther from the truth. Same goes for you! All those steps in between starting out and getting your flow aren't just 2 massive leaps. They are millions of little victories. 

  • Learn Lots From Inexperience

I use the word "FAIL" a little too often. The moment we realize that being inexperienced is the first step towards learning and that it's OK, we become more confident. That first time you used Facebook LIVE or shared your heart in a blog post about your business is one more step towards experience! Sometimes we think that we have to come prepackaged with knowledge and experience. Sorry folks, it doesn't work that way. 

  • Figure Out What You DO Have At the Start

One thing that I am finding I can have before I even start something new, is grit. Keep trying. Keep doing. Try over again and rework the plans. Test the waters. Get down and dirty in the grit. Passion is good. Confidence is powerful. Put that together and you have some nitty gritty stuff to work with! Even if for a moment, day, or week the confidence and passion levels are low, the determination is what keeps you going. 


Still feeling a bit uneasy about keeping at it? Just need a little bit of encouragement or some feedback on whether your business venture is worth it? Let's talk. I am sure we can figure this out together. 

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