Wachusett Reservoir Clinton, MA Maternity Session

My summer was crazy. More or less I was not in a situation that was normal for me. I spent the whole season without Chris during the week and was always working to improve the look of our house while it was on the market. I had to pretty much have a clean house, constantly. At first it felt good to have things always clean but then it just didn't feel normal. Like no one actually lived where I was.

With that being said, I didn't really find focus enough to post any of my work during those months. The energy I had was enough to get them edited and moved on to my dear clients. This session that I am showing you is way past due. Janice and Nick are some friends of mine from church. Chris's sister actually baby sat Janice when she was a little girl so in a way she is family. I know that these photos are way past due, so much so that the baby is actually in the world enjoying the love of his parents.

This is all a reminder that I need to be in the moment each day. Not just when taking pictures, but while sitting in my home in a new place. Enjoy each day that you have, even if they are tough days. They make you stronger. :)