Independence Hall, Philadelphia

I like old stuff. It survives in a modern culture and still remains classic. Old cities are a favorite as well. In roaming around Philadelphia the Old Town is probably my favorite section. It reminds me of Boston probably. It is fun to think you have walked where your forefathers walked. The struggles they went through to give you the opportunity to enjoy the day as it is. Freedom comes at a cost and I am appreciative.

The other day, my birthday, we went to see Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. Here are a few shots from the rainy day.

My mom and I were crazy with the cameras.

Old with the new. Awesome.

I really wanted to see this room. After watching the series on John Adams, I was anticipating this moment. I think the green made it extra tasteful in my opinion. No idea why.

In the foyer of Independence Hall, formerly known as Philadelphia's capital building. It took years to build this place. And also the courtroom.

This was in a building next to the main hall. I forget what it is. Haha. But most of the furniture is original.

I think this room was where John Adams was sworn in....

Last but not least, the Liberty Bell. I would not wait 2 hours in line for this guy but since it's, winter I had easy access.