How To Define Priorities

how to define personal priorities

Lately I have been feeling like I have 5 arms that are getting stretched to the max. I love details and giving 100% to what I am doing but at the same time I feel like I am getting no where. I think I spend about 50% of my days at home worrying about getting everything done and feeling accomplished. My brain is one big fuzz pile. If a brain could be fuzzy that is. I don't even have kids yet! Ugh... my time management is wacky and I can't even keep a calendar. Chris pointed out the other day that for someone who is so detail oriented and organized, I am all over the place. I haven't made a full on meal for us in over a month. Chris works 50+ hours a week and so I should be able to make food, but he ends up doing it. He doesn't mind, but he also sees my frustration. He knows that I am having a hard time keeping everything straight, as well as feeling tired and unhealthy. I can't even relax once Sabbath comes.

So I figured out a few things that are really important this past Thanksgiving week.

  1. I cannot let go of any of the projects that I am currently involved with.

  2. Because of #1 I need to prioritize.

  3. I need to start becoming my own manager, cause clearly no one is going to do it for me!

I got out a dry-erase board and started to write things out that are important to me. I wanted to use something big to write on and not have the distraction of technology. I also wanted to figure out what days I was willing to work on personal projects. Here is how I was able to slim down my work load without having to get rid of a project:

Realize that what comes first is the home. 

Out of everything that I am involved in, the most important thing is my duty in the home. Since Chris works outside of the home three times as much as I do, I am responsible for making sure there is food in the fridge, clean clothes in the drawers, and that our cars are registered for the year. Making our environment a healthy place and making sure that the little details aren't out of control helps ease the stress on him and makes our home a happier place.

Figure out which one of your projects could make the most impact for your family.

I have 3 projects: a ministry, photography, and web design. All 3 are crucial and important to me, but with web design, I can visualize the financial goals and overall need around me. Photography I love and I would take photos of families everyday if I could, but it isn't practical for others and is more of a luxury item. I want to continue making it affordable for families and so in turn it wouldn't be overly sustainable for mine. With web design I can integrate 3 things that I love: photography, organization, and psychology.

Make a schedule & figure out what days you want to get these tasks done.

I decided to use the Google Calendar because I have the app right on my phone and I can open it up quickly. I figured out that I didn't want to post on Instagram every week day and that I would only post on my photography blog once a week. By looking at the calendar I was able to figure out what I could realistically do. Since I am just starting out and still have a part time job out of the home, I can't do what other entrepreneurs are able to do. I leave my days off, besides Saturday for strictly these projects and home life.

Just by realizing what is most important, can really help us accomplish a lot in a smaller amount of time. It's a process and definitely something that won't take overnight to implement, but it can definitely make you feel more confident about the future. Do you feel overwhelmed? Is it hard to let go of a project? What are some things that are really important to you? And hey, if you have any thoughts on how to better prioritize, please share! I am green in my new abilities!