How To Be Happy In Life

how to be happy in life

If I could write a step by step instruction book about how to be happy in life, I think it would set me for life. It would be like discovering the fountain of youth, only a little more realistic to our immediate needs. Anyone else out there wishing for that happy fountain?

Even if there isn't a step by step plan, it is possible to be happy in this life, no matter how many obstacles come flying your way. One disclaimer I would like to make is that part of embracing happiness is also embracing seasons of grief. That will be for another post I am sure. 

I thought about this topic and what I could share from my own experience. Comparison. Dissatisfaction. Disappointment. Worry. All of these are pretty hefty happy killer beasts! Having this blog sit for a year made me face disappointment. Thinking about starting it again made me compare and worry. Even writing a new post makes me feel dissatisfied in what I have to offer.

I thought I would list a few pointers that have kept me on track towards success and being happier:

1. Even though everyone likes beautiful stuff, we also like authentic people.

Keep being you and show what you want to, not what you think you HAVE to.

2. Remember that dissatisfaction towards what we already have isn't reality.

Consider the alternative. You have a warm bed at night, a roof over your head, and several hot meals to fill your belly. 

3. You have the power to claim promises. 

Countless times, when I have just felt blah, I have spent tons of energy trying to figure out where it comes from. Sometimes you just get in a funk. One day, in particular, I was feeling the funk for no reason. After several hours of just not squashing it, I dropped what I was doing and went to my room to grab my Bible. I whipped it open to Psalms and started reading, my lips moving. I almost chanted. It worked!

4. Don't play the victim card.

This one is huge! It's easy to blame others, circumstances, or ourselves for where we are at. What I am talking about here is when we have a tantrum, lash out at others, or have a pity party. I've been there, done that. Itโ€™s up to you to make that change, no one else. 

how to be happy in life

Took this selfie while on our 5th anniversary trip to Assateague Island in VA. So relaxing. Definitely happy to be there!

I used to think that I had no control over my circumstances. I used to think that if I just had more money, more stuff, and more friends life would be better. Changing my attitude and not depending on others or things to make my life amazing, was life changing! Today, I realize how blessed I am, friends included! 

Do you have tips for how you keep yourself in check? What are some simple things in your life that make you happy? I would love to hear! Have any other questions in this area? Needing encouragement? Let's shake this out together. <3