Getting Outside The Comfort Zone

getting outside the comfort zone

What is it with writer's block or that creative slump that gets us? Maybe you don't think you are creative. Just think about anything that you enjoy immensely and think about the times where you have experienced burn out. How does that make you feel? Don't you just want to pick up and move on? Isn't it hard to just sit there and not be able to get the ball rolling with ideas and plans? I've been there. It comes in waves. I will jump one hard hurdle only to face a new one, creatively. I really want to take on being a full-time entrepreneur and be able to support my family in a beneficial way. The thing is, I have been having a hard time finding my "voice" visually and creating a plan. In my frustration, I have come to rely on the only Source that can get me over these mental hurdles  and into more positive thinking. What did God do? Let me share with you.

This past week I decided to take on one of those Instagram challenges that was being advertised on Facebook. I normally ignore these things. But here I was signing up and being overly curious. At first I wasn't sure if I was going to participate. My first instructions were to post an introduction of myself on Instagram. When I finally decided to search my archives for a photo of myself and post, I was not prepared for my feelings.

It is kind of embarrassing, but pretty real. I started to feel like a teenager again. I sat there thinking, "no one is going to think I am interesting" or "look no one is commenting or liking, I am lame." Ya, it was pretty pathetic. I went to bed in a sour state and pretty much felt sorry for myself. I know that I am not stereotypical and really don't follow the crowds much, but it really hit me that I could feel so insecure about myself. The next morning I addressed this with God briefly. I sucked up my pride and walked into challenge 2, sharing my workspace.

Whoa. I don't really have a workspace. What I do have for a workspace isn't all that inspiring either. It got me to thinking. "What am I doing? Am I really taking my photography seriously? Who am I trying to connect with through this? Again, what am I doing?" The questions started to fly. My brain started to spin. I was getting creative. I decided I was going to share where I sit sometimes on the couch and make it look cozy. I started to comment on other photos of people I don't even know, which is really unlike me. I will follow someone I don't know, but I won't even "heart" the images. So this was uncharacteristic of me.

The more I commented, the more I felt myself easing up. I started to think about what I liked in other photos and how I could connect with those I don't know. It made me look at what I do from another perspective, like a bird's eye view. The more that I contemplated this zone of networking and connecting, the less I thought about my insecurities. The more I reached out and told someone that their photo was awesome, the less fearful I became. It brought me to a new place. It got me over this hump that I will now call "insecurity" and to really start envisioning my brand.

God has been so good to me. I believe He gave each one of us a gift so that He could speak to us. He created us to connect, reach out, and find a common ground. He, the all knowing, ever present, perfect, and glorious God did not want to exist alone. He wanted to share it with someone who could be like Him. Us.

So God created mankind in His own image, in the image of God He created them; male and female He created them. - Genesis 1:27

In order for me to fully experience what God made me to be, I had to step out of my comfort zone. What are your gifts that God has given you? What has it been like for you to step out of your comfort zone? Were there good results? How has it changed your perspective in life? Is there something stopping you from getting out of your comfort zone? I would love to hear. I am not alone, right? Haha. :)