Finding Old Jewels

I am going to attempt scrapbooking. I am not one for frills and thrills so this should be interesting. A couple years ago I came across the Becky Higgins collection, which lets you breeze through the process with only 3 tools and tons of photos. Ya, 3 things. My kind of scrapbooking!

Well, during this process I have been going through old photos on my computer. These aren't just the ones I exported out of Lightroom. These are the ones that I pushed aside and never looked back. Pictures are amazing like that sometimes. One minute you find it unimportant and the next it is like, WOW. Not necessarily in a technical or composition kind of way. Just that it makes you remember good things. Perspective is EVERYTHING. It is much more fun to have an open and positive one!

These photographs are gems to me now. I remember being kind of negative during these times. Not out loud but within my own spirit. These give me a second chance at seeing that things really were beautiful during that time period. I am grateful for what I have had and will gain in the future. Deep down my heart knew what was beautiful. Today, I am learning to appreciate instead of critique. It is doing wonders for my perspectives.

Take the time to see the beautiful, even if it means looking at it years later in a photograph. Honestly, pictures are taking on a whole new meaning for me now. My heart feels warm. Oh, and as for scrapbooking these gems? It should be fun. I just hope I don't get too overwhelmed by it all. Haha.