Feeling Like An Inspirational Desert?


As a creative person, I face inspirational ruts quite a lot. I get down on myself for not having a well of ideas springing forth. Maybe you don't feel like a super creative person, but you still need to get inspired or motivated to work, thrive, exercise, or to just do something relaxing. Maybe you just want to get excited again about something. I thought I would share a few ideas that might get your inspired juices flowing.

Spend the day in a new place.

A week ago I got to visit some pretty awesome places in CO when I visited my brother and his family. It was far and required purchasing a ticket, but sometimes all it takes is getting in the car and driving a couple hours to someplace different. If you live in the city, visit the countryside. If you live in the country, take a hike up a mountain and sit there on the rocks and look at the awesome view. Pick a weekend or day off and get out there!

Browse iTunes, Spotify, YouTube or Pandora for new music artists.

Sometimes music gets me to think more creatively and usually finding a new artist is a guaranteed success for inspiration. Even watching a music video, from a song that I know, gets me thinking about new things.

Listen to podcasts or read an autobiography that covers a topic you enjoy.

There have been times where just reading about someone else's life really opened my eyes to new things. Even if their way of thinking was different, it got me to think. For a while, I was into reading about Holocaust survivors and their perseverance. Another time I read a book about the journey of a woman through different religions.

Spend time with friends and find out what inspires them.

Anytime I get together with my girlfriends, there is a chance that we will get going on a really good topic. This always manages to get me thinking about new thoughts and ideas, even if it is just what we might do together the next time we meet.

One of the best ways to tack the inspirational rut is to just take a breathe and relax. I have learned that by not being so hard on myself, the inspiration comes quicker and is more authentic. Feeling guilty for not being full of ideas isn't all that healthy either. I hope that where ever you are at in your inspiration journey, you know that sometimes even the "desert" is beautiful. It fine-tunes us into stronger people. I mean, doesn't the desert in the picture above looks pretty great?  By appreciating the desert, you will find great satisfaction in your time of thriving.

Now go take a drive somewhere!