Robert & Anita Everyday - Worcester County, MA


My parents. Two people who met at the age of 16 and have been together ever since. I always admired their story but never really felt like it could be my own since, well, I still thought I was too young to be married at the age of 20 as when they were. If you need an example of two people who stick by each other no matter what, these are they. I know that I have a personality that leans toward loyalty and dedication, but I think I got some of that from my parents.

I am strangely a lot like them and yet so different. My dad is an engineer and my mom is an artist who dabbles in all forms of creativity. My mom is very expressive, while my dad can be reserved. I used to think I was a split between the two. Like I had an equal portion of chromosomes from both. Maybe that is why I love balance and fairness?


Well, this past week I got to photograph them. Despite the cold we had a lot of fun jumping in and out of their truck trying to get pictures with all this beautiful light!


I am telling you. This below image is how I feel most of the time. I am always trying to keep my expressiveness under control. Haha. I crack up every time I see this picture. Cause it's so true. My dad secretly likes my mom's crazy side. ;)


This is always how I see my mom. She just happened to be standing like this when I was trying to pose her and my dad.


Even in the winter there is red.


I have to confess that I wondered how this session would go. Sometimes it's easier to photograph people you aren't close to because they act in their best behavior. Haha. I think my parents did alright listening to their daughter. ;),