Justin & Emily Everyday - King of Prussia, PA


Moving here to Philadelphia wasn't the easiest thing. Yes, it was an adventure to move away from family and step into the unknown as a couple. The reality of it all just sunk in when we realized that we hardly knew anyone and that we didn't have a close church family to see each week. But God is awesome. He found us a church where we could make many new friends. One friendship that because really dear to me and will always work hard to maintain, is with Emily. Her heart is so big and her honesty is truly what makes me value her as a person. She came with her new husband to live across the country in a big city. I felt a connection with her because we both are country girls and had to move someplace new because of our husband's careers.


This past month I found out that her and her husband, Justin, decided to take on a new adventure after spending about two years here, back home in the PNW, where Emily is from. I was sad to know that I wouldn't be able to spend Friday afternoons with Emily going to coffee shops and taking walks. Yet, I was really excited for her and that she could go back home. And hey, the PNW is one my favorite places and you all will most definitely see photos from there in the future!


Anyways, I wanted to get pictures of her, with her husband Justin, before they headed off. I met them last Tuesday by this big field just outside the city. It is a little oasis in the busyness and I thought it would be inspiring! These two are fun together and are so in love. You see, Justin didn't see why we needed to have a blanket in this shoot, but because he would do anything for his wife, he just made some fun and went right with it.


At one point we were adventurous and got through a gate to get pictures in this tall grass. I will do what I have to get the image I want even if I will keep saying to myself while standing in forbidden territory, "I hope we don't get in trouble. I hope we don't!" We kinda did, but only because we parked in the wrong spot. Ya just never know!


So there is a lot of grass between me and these peeps but I just thought it was fun.


This is one of my favorites. It is kinda how I picture these two, which I can't really explain in words.


I will miss you both and am excited that I have an excuse to come to the PNW! Stay strong and we (Chris and I) will see you soon.


Justin is a Youtuber and has a ministry called That Christian Vlogger. You should all check him out! He decided to create a vlog from our session. I tried not to analyze myself too much in it. Hmm... haha. Enjoy!