Discovering Your Passion


There comes a time when a person just wants to fit in a niche. We want to find a place in life where we belong, can grow, and excel. Maybe I am impatient, but I felt like it took me forever to figure out my life passions. I didn't grow up wanting to be a doctor or a concert pianist. I loved WAY too many things and changed my mind frequently. I tried different jobs, changed my major several times in college, and just floundered around not really sure what I wanted to do. It is easy to think you have to fit a mold or just slide into the normal customs of daily society. We have bills to pay and people to take care of. What I have learned is that while doing those things, I can plan. If I figure out what my passions are, there is no stopping me. Even if it means working on it in addition to the daily grind. Listed below are a few things that helped me to discover my life passions, that might work for you as well.

1. Take a personality test, HONESTLY. 

I know, lame, but it is strangely true. In high school I predicted my own outcomes on those tests and pretty much answered them the way I thought they should be answered. When I finally sat down as an adult and took another test, I had to be strictly honest with myself. At first I didn't like how honest I was. It was so tempting to give a response to how I would like to be, not in regards to who I am. When I finished, I was blown away by the results. All the careers it laid out were things that I was currently dabbling in or had spent a lot of time cultivating. It provided my strengths, which was encouraging. Then talked about how I could work on my weaknesses.

2. Realize what you enjoy doing, could be a job. 

When I read the results to my test, it said that I would be interested in or really good at either being a photographer, psychologist, or blogger, as well as other careers involved with human rights and caring for others. I don't remember all of the job descriptions but those first 3 items were things that I did without getting paid. They were things I fell into and did without much thought. I then realized, "Hey, I could make a living out of these things if I just blended them all together." Or, "I could really do something for God using these 3 areas." Once I realized the potential it all could offer, I started to think of ways that I could learn more. There are all sorts of workshops, Youtube tutorials, and online courses (even FREE ones) out there which provide affordable and convenient ways to gain knowledge.

3. Stick with it. 

There were times when I HATED the thought of taking pictures. I had months where I couldn't write anything. I got a degree in Psychology and decided to quit after graduating with my Bachelors. I felt like handing in the bag. Equipment, knowledge, and all. I would question whether I would ever love these things again. Being up front with God with my discouragement helped me to look back and see that I could never fully let go of my passions. Now I am at a point where I LOVE taking pictures again, I have been writing more frequently, and having my degree has made me confident in other areas of my life.

I know that these 3 points are pretty simple, but they really opened my eyes to what God could do through me.  I didn't have to fit a mold to live a life full of purpose or experience success. God showed me that I could actually do the things I naturally am drawn to, to worship Him and follow His calling. Right now I am only making a little money taking pictures and actually have paid money to make writing a more serious part of my life. So, I can honestly say that, while walking through this process right now, it is all completely worth it.

What are some things that you enjoy doing, but aren't sure how you could make a career out of it? Have you turned any of your passions into a career? I would love to know.