Cranberry Blueberry Smoothie

cranberry blueberry smoothie

Lately, I have been pretty busy. For the past month I haven't been home. I have been either visiting family for the holidays or up in NY looking for homes (Chris and I are in the process of moving). I have been wanting to be more intentional about getting more raw fruits and veggies into my diet, so I have been incorporating smoothies into my breakfasts. Smoothies are great because you can't really give the excuse that you are missing an ingredient. You can pretty much make anything as long as you have some raw fruit, as well as, frozen fruit. After being away for so long, I had to quickly go to the grocery store and grab a few things in between my other responsibilities. Since I didn't plan much, but knew that I wanted fruit, I worked with what I had the next morning when I made my breakfast. I decided to share with you what I came up with.

cranberry blueberry smoothie


This is what I had on hand:

  • handful of blueberries

  • handful of frozen cranberries

  • 1 ripe banana

  • 1-2 tangerines

  • unsweetened almond milk

  • spoonful of peanut butter (optional)

  • honey, agave or maple syrup (optional)


You'll want to put all the ingredients into a blender (I use a Vitamix) and blend until it is smooth, or to your liking. I find that the easiest way to blend ingredients is to put the fresh fruit on the bottom and add the frozen fruit on top. I rarely have to use the plunger to help the blades along. Sometimes I put the peanut butter under a few ingredients so that it doesn't stick to the sides.

cranberry blueberry smoothie

You can definitely leave out the peanut butter if you want. I like to add peanut butter and almond milk for protein and extra nutrients. I used to use soy milk, but later learned that it can increase the amount of estrogen in my body and that is something I have been trying to avoid (I get migraines, check out my story). This has been one of the small steps towards making things better. I tried this recipe with and without sweetener. If you like tart, then leave out the sweetener. Otherwise add sweetener to your liking.  I listed sweeteners that the body tends to recognize better. Also, those cranberries can make your lips pucker!

So this doesn't end here. I want to know if you tried it out and also if you made any changes to make it more awesome! Since cranberries are pretty seasonal and only really show up in stores around Thanksgiving (winter), I was excited to find frozen ones! That is probably the main reason why I wanted to share this recipe with you. Adding in something different to the mix is always fun!

Be sure to let me know in the comments what you are trying and if there is another recipe you like to use cranberries in. :)