Chestnut Hill Philadelphia, PA

A few weeks ago, Chris and I happened upon this town that wasn't like any other town we have seen so far here in Pennsylvania. I was determined to come back and get some pictures of the detailed doorways and stone work. Well, one cold November day I decided to do just that. I am apprehensive about getting pictures of buildings. Always have been, but I wanted to give it a try because these buildings were just that amazing.

I found myself taking pictures of the little winding pathways. It took me a while to actually aim my camera at someone's house. Especially since it seemed every house had a security system. After the fact I realized that these folks are probably used to such things. I finally looked up the town history and found out that its a pretty famous town in the architecture world.

When vacationing became the rage, I think back in the 20s, the people of Philly would come to their Chestnut Hill homes to get out of the heat in the summer due to its elevation. I still need to figure out what type of wealth started this community. Was it because of the coal industry? Anyways, I did my best to capture just a taste of this place. I am determined to keep at it and not be so intimidated by the whole prospect. I also will try it maybe when it's warmer out. Haha.

Isn't the little doorway awesome! Someone took the time to put a wreath on this side door. I still can't even get myself to put a somewhat decorative wreath on my front door! New goals I guess.

The grey home reminded me of home, New England. Classic, clean, and tasteful. And some leaves.

I plan to visit some other locations while living here. One particular place I want to go is Lancaster County. I have a heritage there that is rich with history. If someone can tell me where to find a friendly sheep farmer, that would be awesome. :)