Capturing My Own Life - Solebury Orchard

As a photographer I find it so easy to capture important parts of the lives of others. I don't mind looking crazy just so that I can get the right shot. I don't mind being seen by others in a crowded area just so that I can create something different. But when it comes to my own life, I freeze up. I get really self conscious. I have found it much easier to just take my phone with me to capture a couple moments when I go somewhere, than bringing my big black machine. I am realizing that in order to really break free and create more authentic images for others, I need to embrace my fears outside of work. So I have been doing it little by little and yesterday I captured a few images from an outing I had with two good friends at the Solebury Orchard in New Hope, PA.


Driving out into the country was just what I needed. Reminders of home, fresh air, and changing maple trees. Just what this girl needed to get inspired. Growing up I didn't go apple picking very often even though apple orchards were in abundance. It was fun to pick fruit straight from the tree and know that it is going to be good fruit.


Since living in Pennsylvania I have gotten to know so many wonderful people and these two are part of that clan. We can talk for hours about life and balance. I can share ideas as well as enjoy hearing Jackie and Emily's ideas.  Emily (pictured on the right below) is moving back to the PNW next week, so we have been trying to fit in as many get togethers as possible before she goes. I am going to miss her like crazy and am so thankful that God put her into my life. I am at least glad she is going to be in one my favorite places to travel.


Jackie is one of those people that can share something with me and I will say, "oh my goodness, I feel that too!" We have similar personalities and it is kinda scary how closely we think, yet how differently we express ourselves. Her heart is so loving and expressive.


Yes, my friends are also silly. I fit right in.


It isn't everyday that I get my photo taken. Emily was so kind to grab this for me. Props help, folks. I have first hand experience. :)


I am so glad that I took the time to grab a few photos! It helps me to remember the beautiful things in life and how God has blessed. Don't stop taking pictures. Even if you have to bring out the big camera!