Can A Pose Be Authentic?

can a pose be authentic

Growing up I always had an aversion to being fake. Anything and everything that smelled of it made me run. So when it came time for posing people in front of the camera, I used to panic. My mind would freeze and I would find myself saying "ummm" "uhhhh" and looking rather unprofessional. I tried to stick to just candid stuff like events, but something deep inside was telling me that I needed to get over this.

I needed to figure out how I could pose people and still remain true to myself. Telling people what to do in order to get a genuine reaction is kind of tricky and at first I thought it was impossible to do. After just plunging in and making people pose and doing what I had feared for so long I discovered something really beautiful.


As humans we naturally either slouch, want to remain comfortable, and sometimes carry a concerned look on our faces. We go through a lot. What I have learned to do is bring out the best in people by making sure their backs are straight and getting them to do things that maybe feel weird, but in the end bring out a laugh because of the strangeness. Over time I have come to find that behind all the stress and weirdness that comes with everyday life, there is someone who just needs a little guidance. A little bit of encouragement to stand tall, remain confident, and show a part of their life that would otherwise be forgotten.

I love to capture nature and ordinary things in a beautiful new way. Those everyday things that people often ignore become noticed and looked upon in wonder. Why I thought that people were any different, I don't know. Sometimes we carry ourselves in ordinary ways. We forget how extraordinary we are and become complacent. Deep down we all have something special about us when we are presented in beautiful light.

I want to paint your picture. I desire to show the best part of who you are, even if it seems ordinary to you. Happy Wednesday!

can a pose be authentic