Being "A Good Wife"

being a good wife

I love to browse recipes on Pinterest sometimes. I am even mesmerized by Tasty videos on Facebook. I will ponder thinking of making something healthy, like a kale salad, or something a little more decedent and really unnecessary, like a crumbly berry pie topped with fresh whipped cream. Mmmmm.... so good right? Those decisions that should be flooding my brain with creativity become short lived. My mind freezes. I panic. Then the guilt floods in as Chris leaves for work empty handed and has to pick something up at the Wawa at noon. I apologize profusely and knock my head figuratively. I hate the fact that I don't love to cook. Ya, I can make some good vegan mac 'n cheese or salads, but I REALLY really do not get enjoyment out of it all. I would rather scrub the dishes or... oh wait, the floor. I would rather scrub the floor than make food. Because of this "strange" phenomenon I have gone through several conversations with Chris about it. He keeps trying to tell me that it is ok, that I don't need to worry about it. Yet there I am concerned with the idea that I may not be a good wife.

This past week Chris made a really good point. He told me, "I know that you don't enjoy cooking." So I, of course, asked why. He said that every time I make something I never taste it. Then when I give it out for people to eat, I go around asking if it tastes good. You see, my husband loves to cook. Every week I will agree to provide food for Sabbath lunch and who ends up making it? Chris. Other times I watch him work or he has me taste something that could be ordinary, and it's taken to another level. Chris tastes what he is cooking. He works with what is in the fridge and comes up with something that he is proud of. He knows it too.

The relationship that Chris and I have isn't like any other. The things that we do to show we care or to make sure that our own ship is running right will be different than others. With this being said, I believe that it is ok that I am not the cook in this household. Since I am home more than Chris I do have to step up and that is ok. Yet there are other things that I excel at. If I left out that I don't like to cook than I could get away with looking like a stereotypical good wife.

 Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms. - 1 Peter 4:10

What I am trying to get at is that we should stop fretting over not being awesome at something and just do what we were made to do and do it well. We spend so much time feeling guilty that we miss out on the responsibilities that God did gave us. Those naturally easy tasks for you might make someone else want to crawl back in bed. I love to clean out the basement. You? Probably not and that is ok. Find what you love, even if it isn't a stereotypical wifely or husbandly duty, and be amazing. It really is ok.