Artists - Singer/Songwriter Kayla Careese

Sometimes dreams do come true. As a kid I spent more time admiring the photos and layouts of CD jackets more than listening to the artists themselves. Though I love music, and always will, my heart will forever be in visual art. I dreamed of being able to have some part in making album art for a music artist one day. And you know, the heart eventually gets to where it was destined to go!


This past fall I had the opportunity to fly out west, meet up with Kayla for the first time, and capture her as a new singer/songwriter. I learned so much through this new experience and being able to see Kayla's dreams become a reality is pretty inspirational.  I thought that just getting to take the photos and making a website would be awesome, but watching another artist trying to make it in the industry is even more fulfilling!

Before arriving in Las Vegas, I searched on Google Maps for any location that would fit the look that Kayla wanted to use. She wanted both nature and city without it really yelling "VEGAS". She is originally from Canada and it worked out for both of us to meet in Nevada. I found this park outside the city that seemed to fit the bill.

At first I was apprehensive about it, because who knows what you are going to find out there! But I was pleasantly surprised and absolutely inspired. Thankfully Kayla was up for getting there at dawn for some perfect light! 

The following day we went out and captured more images along the Strip in downtown Las Vegas and in the hills north of the city. This photo below was fun to catch! We wanted a road picture so we found this lane that wasn't really being used. I had to to be sure and yell to Kayla "let's move!" when a car would come. Ya, I really am not always that risky but it was worth it.

Spending two days straight getting to know Kayla definitely helped me figure out the second aspect of what I did for her. Not only did I fly out to capture images for her album art, I was able to use these images to create a website for her work! Getting to know her during that time definitely helped me to create something that represented who she is, not just her work. 


My favorite part of the whole trip was when we were heading back to the city and we both saw this truck off roading in the distance. I was like "cool!" but Kayla was a little more adventurous and said, "Hey! Let's check out that dirt road!" Mind you we were both in a Honda Civic, but we did it anyways and found this beautiful view of the hills and valleys of Nevada. 

It ended up being the best spot because this photo ended up being on the front cover of Kayla's CD! If you would like to check out her music and make an order, you can go here!

Trying new things and putting it out there in the open for all to see is kinda scary at first. Doing it alone isn't easy, so being able to do it with others makes it a little more fun and adventurous! I was scared to travel on my own. I was scared of this new experience even though I have been taking pictures for 10 years. Experiencing new things doesn't always get easier but the more I do it the more I remember how fun it is to take on new challenges. 

So grateful for this opportunity!