Jay & Suellen 5 Year Anniversary - Moore State Park Paxton, MA


This little series is one of my favs from the session. So bright and happy.


Of all the people that have been with me through my photography journey, my friend Suellen has been there from the beginning. The first time I ever took photos of her and Jay, I needed some practice. I remember forgetting to change my ISO and that the images, in my opinion, looked dark and grainy. The funny thing is that Suellen, to this day, has a photo printed from that time in her home. No matter where we are at in learning our skill, people will love what is behind each image. That was about 6 years ago when they were engaged. Now Jay and Suellen have been married for 5 years and their is love stronger than ever. We met at Moore State Park in Paxton, MA and had a lovely time capturing memories. I had to incorporate these red wild flowers that were growing in this dried of stream. Yes, we went down into the stream that fed an old mill. All because I saw these flowers. Oh, and isn't it beautiful watching two people so happy together?


Suellen, you made my job easy.

After an outfit change, we headed to a field with a row of pines lining the road. New England never disappoints with its scenery. Can't wait till the fall when the leaves change! This next set of Suellen gave me such inspiration!  The light was magic and the natural feel of her look made everything stand out about her beauty. I am inspired to capture more beautiful women in the after years of their wedding day. It is easy to focus on special moments in time, but I want to bring back what happens after that day. How a person can change in a beautiful way through new circumstances and changes.


I mean, seriously. Who says you only have to be beautiful on your wedding day?


Marriage is a beautiful thing. Even for myself I have come to find that there are dimensions within its boundaries that bring me joy. There is something about commitment that makes things stronger and accentuates our personalities.


I actually had my husband, Chris, along for the shoot. I would love to say that I was the one that made them laugh in this photo, but that would be a lie. Life is much more interesting with Chris by my side.


Thank you Jay and Suellen for letting me document your 5th year of marriage together. Having you as friends means a lot and knowing that you have been there through my progress as a photographer means a lot as well! Love you guys!