Harvard University Boston, MA Engagement Session

Being a photographer has been an extreme blessing for me. Yes I get to be creative and draw your attention to beautiful things, but that is only a portion of what really brings me joy. This past Sunday I trekked out to Harvard Square in Boston Massachusetts to photograph a couple I met through my church, REACH Philadelphia. I briefly became acquainted with Anika before she headed off to New England to finish her residency, so it was a pleasure to get know both her and Bryant during this time.

I told Anika at the end of the night that if it weren't for taking pictures, I wouldn't know half the people I do. Within just an hour or so we create a connection we wouldn't otherwise. There is a certain level of intimacy and vulnerability that occurs in these moments. The nervousness of being photographed and just doing something you aren't used to, it makes the dependence upon me all the greater. They give their trust and I do my best to deliver.

If you ever want to see an example of two zealous Christian people, these two are the people to meet. So friendly and down to earth. When we met up to take pictures, we had a little mix up with our meeting spot and while Bryant came searching for me, Anika was chatting it up with some students in the Harvard Yard. As we approached her, I asked "does she know these people?" and Bryant and her best friend said, "Nope, that is just the way she is with everyone."

This location was a quiet little area where Anika attended Harvard for her Masters. All of the doors in the place made a statement and so I took advantage. :)

The evening light and air was beautiful on Sunday. Even though we didn't have much time, we caught that light.

Just a little more relaxed. :)

Anika, you are beautiful and Bryant looking classy.

After a quick outfit change we set out for a more casual setting. These two like to have a good time for sure and thought that the park would be a good place to capture the last of the images of the night.

This round disc was complicated! You had to sit just right so that it wouldn't spin around. Haha. Anika and Bryant, you rocked it!

I love this one. 

I am really happy with the images I was able to get from on the street. The whole time I was freaking out that I would get hit that I just snapped away and hoped for the best. As you can see, these two trusted that they wouldn't get hit, clearly. They look so relaxed!

Boston, only you know how to dress up a walkway.

We decided to make use of the lights illuminating this building as the sun began to set.

Thank you Anika and Bryant for allowing me to document this part of your life. God bless and make sure to keep Him at the center of your love! Together you can do so much for Him. I look forward to seeing the plans He has set out for you.