5 Low-Key & Simple Ways To Be Together

five low key and simple ways to be together

So the last few weeks have been pretty crazy for both Chris and I. We have been meaning to go on a dinner date for over a month and just haven't had time. Either one of us is working late or we are stuck in a meeting. So what do you do when you just don't have time to dress up a little, drive into the city, and sit in a nice restaurant for a couple hours? Well, I thought I would share a few low key ideas that might help to keep perspectives realistic, as well as ensure that being together, happens.

1. Go to the Gym

Going to the gym is a pretty awesome way to both stay healthy and be together at the same time. You don't necessarily have to do the same exercise routines, but just being near each other while increasing those endorphins is not only productive, it's healthy!

2. Cuddle Up & Watch a TV Show

Sometimes going out can take a lot of time, especially if shops or other attractions are far. Living in the city, it takes a while to get anywhere because of either traffic or red lights. Often, Chris and I will just watch a cooking show on the Food Network. A whole movie takes up a lot of time and can cut into sleep if you are wanting to do something on a weeknight. Also, a light-hearted show allows for dialogue between two people. A movie can get pretty intense and so it can be hard to talk when you are trying to keep up with the scenes.

3. Go Grocery Shopping

Maybe we are weird, but we like to buy groceries together sometimes. We end up talking about how we can eat better and will usually find fun foods. Most of the time, when we go grocery shopping, we are also planning a yummy meal for Sunday afternoon. We don't get to eat together often, so it's nice to make something yummy together and then eat it. We make "gourmet" veggie burgers usually.

4. Drive Somewhere, Anywhere

Probably my favorite thing to do with Chris is ride in the car while he drives somewhere. Usually, it is on our way to church, which is 45 minutes away. Other times we are headed to New England to visit family. Our deepest conversations usually happen there and not at home. Thankfully Chris loves to drive and I love to ride. We talk about life, where we are going to be next, and what else we can do for God.

5. Just Stop & Relax

Being busy isn't always bad, but sometimes it can take away from being together. We can get so caught up in doing amazing things that we neglect those we love. Sometimes just cutting something out of our schedules is important too. Just by letting one chore go for a little bit can create time. I sometimes have to just let the laundry sit there so that we can relax together. Just taking a moment to talk and recognize each others' needs, is so crucial.

Doing something together doesn't always have to be overly extravagant. Sometimes we create expectations that aren't adaptable to regular life. I am not saying that planning something extravagant is wrong, sometimes it just causes us to put off spending time together. Next thing you know it has been a few months and you almost feel like strangers!

Just like when we take a few moments everyday with God, our human relationships also need that everyday time as well. If you would like more ideas of what to do with your special someone,