about krystal irrgang hudson valley family business photographer

Life is a journey filled with new turns & beautiful moments.

I’ve always had many interests but few things I excelled better at than being a photographer. This medium has brought me so much joy, taken me through some of the toughest parts, and taught me a lot about who I am. Finding beauty and intentionality in everything that would seem ordinary, is where my creativity really ignites. Building a craft over the past 10 years and putting heart into it has given me perspective into what it is like for other dreamers and doers. If I was only given one group of people that I could advocate for, it would be the entrepreneur. Business is business, but behind all those numbers, hours, and skills is a heart that wants to stand out. Passion is real, but so the competition and critique. The only way any of us are going to stand out, is if we stay true to who we are and what we stand for. This is what I want to advocate for!

Behind every life is another story, and here is mine…

My husband, Chris, and I moved to the lovely state of New York two years ago in a little town two hours north of the City. It is our first real experience living in the country where bears forage, rivers and creeks flood after a good rain, and where nature has to be tamed regularly in the yard. Our home is a 2800 square foot contemporary saltbox fixer upper which needs a whole lot of love and attention. This is where I find myself most. Homemaking is becoming somewhat of a lost art and I’ve been navigating its terrain like a newbie. So far, I’ve come to find that it slows me to down and forces me to focus on what is actually important. I’ve discovered most recently that our society places a lot of our worth in what we do and how well we execute it. This is only a dead end. We should know our worth before we tackle any passion or have the opportunity to be blessed with God’s gifts. I am just on a mission to live fully, not successfully.


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EMAIL: krystal@krystalanitastudios.com
LOCATION: Orange County, NY